Kochaj Życie - Love Life
- What Is It?

Welcome to the website of an independent movement for road safety improvement in Poland. Apologies - the English language version of the service is very poor. However, if it proves to be a need, we'll develop it.

Who are we, what are we doing and why?

We have different interests but we also have something in common - we care about safety on Polish roads and we do not accept the current situation (almost 6000 people die every year in car accidents). With our own human and financial resources we have built this web portal to help integrate the community of traffic participants and make our activities more effective. We are co-operating with many drivers and thus we know the situation on our roads is very difficult and the activities conducted by various authorities not too effective. The Polish statistics look very pale compared to other EU countries. We'd like to change it as quickly as possible. We believe that if we join our efforts, we can make it.

Our Vision

  1. In the year 2020 the number of mortal casualties on Polish roads does not exceed 1000.
  2. The number of the injured does not exceed 20000.
  3. More than 95% of drivers and passengers use safety belts during every, even the shortest ride.
  4. More than 98% of kids are driven in special chairs.
  5. Schools and public media educate effectively about traffic safety, regarding especially the pedestrians and cyclists.
  6. Technical condition of cars is not different from the EU average.
  7. Foreigners perceive Polish drivers as polite.

Our Mission

  1. To spread knowledge and consciousness about how big possibilities of foreseeing and avoiding accidents have drivers who are not the potential authors but who may become the injured.
  2. To make people aware about the scale of the car accidents problem.
  3. To press the traffic authorities to work out a long-term plan with the priority of reducing death casualties and the number of wounded on the roads.
  4. To create a unified voice of drivers (especially those with lots of experience) as an authority who are very well aware of traffic safety and changes that should be introduced in order to improve the situation on the roads. Pronouncing opinions on activities of public services.
  5. To make people aware of results of improper behaviour on the road.
  6. To work out solutions improving the safety level and give them to public authorities under consideration.
  7. Flexible attitude resulting in aiming at the most effective co-operation of drivers and other opinion-making communities with public and non-public communities having the influence on the traffic in Poland.

Proofs of Love

  1. I move on the roads with sense, always remembering about the results of lack of it.
  2. I always use the safety belt and I convince others to do so.
  3. I am visible - I turn on the lights or wear reflexes if it may help others see me even in the smallest degree.
  4. I am critical about my own driving skills and I do not overestimate them
  5. I care about the technical state of my car.
  6. I am kind on the road.
  7. I help others to gain knowledge on safe motoring.

If you have any suggestions, questions, ideas - feel free to

If you are about to visit Poland we recommend "Welcome to Poland" - official guidebook for drivers published by National Road Safety Council


Have a wide road as we say in Poland!